Colorful election campaign in Uberlândia – in pictures

It was the battle between Beckenbauer, Batman and the transsexual schoolteacher Sayonara. On October 7th they competed, together with 638 other candidates, for one of the 26 spots in the municipal council of the Brazilian city Uberlândia. They campaigned for months, because it’s not easy to stand out between hundreds of rivals. Batman and Beckenbauer had at least their names doing some work for them. And it was easy to notice Professora Sayonara because of her looks. But in the end, none of these candidates managed to get enough votes from the electorate.

A colorful election campaign in pictures.

Last week, Marc and I made this radio report for the NOS about the battle between Batman, Beckenbauer and Professora Sayonara (in Dutch).

Read also Marc’s blog about the elections in Brazil (in Dutch):

And his blog about the making of our radio report (in Dutch):

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